Why Trump’s Tax Plan Won’t Reduce Affluent Investors’ Need for Trusts

The tax reform signed into law by the Trump administration recently calls for sweeping changes in the tax code. Some tax brackets were raised while others were lowered. Corporate tax rates were slashed, and standard deductions were raised. No matter your political leaning, we can all agree that it’s one of the biggest legislative changes in years. One portion of

Bitcoin Fever

Bitcoin fever has reached a state of frenzy. It seems that everyone is talking about it, whether they are invested or not. There have been spectacular fortunes made in Bitcoin, yet very few people have any real idea exactly what all the fuss is about.   On Thursday, its ticker was given its own designated space on cable news as

Our Thoughts on the New Tax Bill

With the Senate passing tax legislation early Saturday morning, the prospect of tax reform is now one step closer to being signed into law. With both the House and Senate each having passed their own versions of legislation, it is expected that there will be a formal committee to merge the two bills. While we do not know what the

Should You Be Worried About North Korea?

The situation in North Korea has dominated headlines in recent days and while the war of words has intensified and become center stage for the news and investment media, we thought it would be helpful to look at market reaction to historical events to place this in proper context. This chart shows the market reaction to different historical events over

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