Stock Concentration Risk and ExxonMobil’s Correlation to Oil Prices

One of the more challenging aspects of managing an investment portfolio is to be able to identify various sources of risk – some of which are not specifically related to investment performance but can have a significant impact on a portfolio. One of these types of risk lies in having an excess concentration of an individual stock or sector. The

It’s Not What You Make, It’s What You Keep

As part of our ongoing effort to merge technology with client service and investment management, we are now able to significantly streamline a very important part of your overall financial program – tax efficiency. While it is important to create a viable financial plan that encompasses the right amount of risk and return balance, it is even more important to

Navigating Recent Market Volatility

As we pull into the last days of summer there has been an uptick in market volatility and a corresponding increase in investor anxiety. You need to look no further to see that the best indicator of volatility, the VIX Index, has increased almost 50% this month. Commonly called the “fear index”, it is often more a measure of investor

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