Brecklynn Williams, Office and Project Manager, puts her unending patience and organizational skills to good use.  For starters, she spends time assisting with operational duties that include coordinating schedules, handling paperwork, and other key support tasks to help the office run smoothly.

She is responsible for RGWM’s bookkeeping and accounting as well as firm-wide tracking of ongoing projects, on a weekly basis, in what could be labeled as professional multi-tasking. She assists in the preparation for prospective client meetings, the development of financial plans, and the improvement of the firm’s overall client experience.

Brecklynn joined Jeff & Mike in 2007 and has previously served in numerous roles such as Client Services Associate and Business Development Manager. Always seeking ways to improve, she is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting at Sam Houston State University.

A closer look at Brecklynn Williams

When not in the office, you can find Brecklynn with her Husband and daughter at her son’s little league baseball field or on the nearest body of water, whether it be the beach or the lake. She loves to travel and trying new foods.

Fun Fact: Brecklynn was born into a baseball family. Her dad and uncle both played major league ball.

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