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Managing NUA and Concentrated XOM Positions

One of the biggest challenges for investors who hold large, long-term positions is how to effectively manage exposure through different cycles – both market based and company specific.  We have previously written about some of the risks of holding concentrated positions, and it is worth repeating a few key points.  The most critical point to make is that a single
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RGWM Market Thoughts - August 14, 2018

Economic Not much real news, but one thing we did notice was a report from Moody’s on global default rates in the high-yield sector. While default rates are a lagging indicator, high-yield tends to lead equities, so it is still worth watching for signs of a trend change.  Moody’s reported that the global rate stood at 2.8% in July, and sees this rate declining to 2.0% in
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RGWM Market Thoughts - August 6, 2018

The calendar turned to August and “the most wonderful time of the year” for parents (back to school) is on the horizon.  The US market is singing the same song, especially in relation to other markets around the world.  Over the past two weeks the correlations of US equities have materially broken down against German and Chinese equities, commodities and high
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