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Federal Reserve and Market Notes

On Wednesday the Federal Reserve announced that they would not be adjusting the federal funds rate following their latest meeting.  While the market initially responded to the announcement with a rally due to the prospect of stable rates being constructive for stocks, there was a tone of pessimism from the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) that caused the market to
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RGWM Market Thoughts – January 30, 2019

January Recap and Portfolio Changes At the time of our last newsletter we were in the midst of a pronounced selloff in the market.  In that newsletter we covered some of the forces that were driving the sellers and pushing the buyers away. We have seen some of these forces dissipate in tandem with the market’s climb over the last
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Market Thoughts and Portfolio Update – December 17, 2018

Market Thoughts and Portfolio Update During the course of weekend reading, we ran across an interesting quote regarding the value of forecasting by the financial journalist Jane Bryant Quinn that stated, “give them a date or give them a number but don’t give them both.” Following another roller-coaster week in the equity markets, that sentiment seems especially appropriate for the
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