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Our culture builds from our transparent foundation by creating an environment that fosters curiosity and challenges our team to ask “what if” or “what about.” Our clients see this first-hand when our team looks beyond the bottom line of the account balance or first page of a tax return and starts to challenge strategies, assumptions, and expectations.

We encourage our client advisors to explore possibilities and play out scenarios such as a new estate planning strategies, exploring different tax scenarios or rebalancing based on upcoming life changes or goals. An idea or strategy may or may not work out to be the right solution. But even if it doesn’t, we want our team to consider the alternatives and put in the effort to explore and find alternatives.

 One of the first things often asked of any financial advisor or wealth management firm is, “What sets you apart from the competition?” or “How are you different than your peers?”

Often, the response is, “It’s our people.”

That’s not a good answer.

The truth is that culture is what differentiates one firm from another. And at RGWM we KNOW it’s our special culture that makes us different.

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Five Star Wealth Manager Recognition 2020


As an independent, advisor-owned Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and certified financial planners in The Woodlands, we have a fiduciary responsibility to act and make decisions that are in your best interest. We are not obligated to sell any proprietary products just to satisfy the company hierarchy.


Clients deserve more than someone just picking stocks recommended by CNBC and The Wall Street Journal. We have an award-winning Chief Investment Officer, in-house, with over 25 years of Wall Street experience leading our investment committee. Our team of certified financial planners in The Woodlands use the most advanced analytical software available, along with our real-world investment knowledge, to provide clients with unlimited research options for their portfolio or any investment they want to discuss.


Our planning software is an industry-leading planning tool that provides us with the ability to help our clients stay on track to reach their current goals as well as those they want to accomplish 20 years from now. Smaller firms do not have the qualified staffing, technical expertise or financial resources to dedicate to these initiatives that we strongly feel are so intricate to the financial success of clients. Once again, this is done for the benefit of our clients.


We use industry-leading software for operational support, which allows us unlimited analytical capabilities and increased efficiency. These tools allow us to provide our clients with in-depth portfolio analysis, individual security research and comprehensive performance data. 


At Rhame & Gorrell, we have implemented a uniform fee schedule – one that is fair, transparent, and most importantly consistent. How could we explain to two different clients, with the same amount of assets under management, that they are paying different fee amounts? Many advisors out there “negotiate” fees with new clients individually to gain their business. We don’t believe this practice is ethical or fair to clients.


We believe it is important that you know what our firm is capable of and that you understand what you should expect of your current advisor. As always, our certified financial planners and advisors in The Woodlands are here to help you and your family now and in the future.

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