Who We Serve

At Rhame & Gorrell Wealth Management, we have a long history of serving a diverse client base. With over 500 families all around the country, we have deep experience with hundreds of employers and their corporate benefits plans for employees. This expertise allows our team to serve clients comprehensively by helping you make the most of every opportunity. From your 401(k) or Pension Plan to executive compensation, health insurance, or anything else – we are here to help. Our team of advisors looks to understand the unique factors involved in you and your family’s situation and personalize solutions that are tailored to you.

Corporate Executives

Our team helps successful professionals navigate the intricacies of executive compensation. In addition to normal tax deferral vehicles such as 401(k)s and IRAs, highly compensated individuals may have access to deferred compensation plans, supplemental savings and pension plans, and more. We can help you make informed decisions about the pros and cons of each compensation plan offered to you.

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Oil & Gas Professionals

Our financial advisors in The Woodlands are incredibly familiar with the compensation and benefits packages offered by large and small oil and gas companies in the Greater Houston area. We’ll help you understand what options are available so that you can make informed, intelligent decisions.

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We’re proud to work with business owners around the country. We assist entrepreneurs in many areas, such as employer-sponsored plans to defer taxes, tax deductions, creative financing, business continuity arrangements, and more.

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Affluent Families

As your family accumulates wealth creating a plan for your financial legacy becomes more important. We help clients create an estate plan designed to transfer wealth to heirs with minimal estate taxes, protect assets, and minimize taxation through charitable planning. At RGWM our planning experts are here to facilitate the process of making decisions that fit your family’s needs.

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