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As your wealth increases, having a financial plan is the best way to protect your financial legacy. We offer financial planning services that are designed to optimize your current financial situation and progress toward your long-term goals. From the initial consultation to implementing your plan, our experienced financial advisors will help you develop and execute a strategy you can rely on for years to come. Our process covers all aspects of your financial life, including:

  • Investment Management
  • Tax Strategy
  • Employer Benefits
  • Estate Planning
  • Education Funding
  • Charitable Planning
  • Asset Protection
  • And More!

Trusted Financial Advice

Our Certified Financial Planner™ advisors in The Woodlands are committed to their fiduciary responsibility to make decisions that are in your best interest. Unlike some other investment managers, we are free to help clients access the entire investment universe rather than investments tied to one company.

Whether you’re planning for retirement or enhancing your investment portfolio, you can trust that our financial advisors at RGWM will deliver the type of attentive service you deserve. Providing clients with financial peace of mind is our highest priority.

Strategic Financial Planning

As you work towards the retirement lifestyle you want, having the right financial planner can help you make intelligent decisions and avoid pitfalls. ​Our team of experts has over 25 years of experience in guiding clients to and through retirement. We’re passionate about making the most of every opportunity to optimize your financial life. When you partner with Rhame and Gorrell Wealth Management for your financial planning needs, we promise to work with you to develop a recipe for success.

Why Do You Need

Financial Planning Services?

At RGWM, we aren’t focused on our bottom line. Our philosophy is to put our clients and their interests first. Having a financial planner by your side ensures that nothing is overlooked. Our financial planning will help you define your goals and build a roadmap for long-term, sustainable success.
When you partner with RGWM, you receive the following:

Risk Management

Managing your finances involves a level of risk as you navigate Bull and Bear market cycles, life events, and career changes. Our financial planners will help you make smart moves throughout your life by ensuring you have the knowledge to make an informed decision.

Investment Advice

Financial markets are frequently overwhelming for individual investors. Our award-winning team of professionals will help you navigate the uncertainties of each market cycle. Our investment advisory team has industry-leading analytics at their fingertips to make sure your investments align with your appetite for risk as well as your goals for wealth accumulation.

Trusted Results

Retiring without a plan is stressful. Our experienced advisors have navigated retirement with hundreds of families and are here to provide you with ongoing support, personalized advice, and proven financial strategies to achieve financial success for you and your heirs.



Introductory Meeting

The purpose of our first meeting with you is simple: to get acquainted! Our advisors take the time to learn about you, your lifestyle, and your financial goals.


Investment and Financial Plan Review

We’ll present an evaluation of your current financial position and a comprehensive plan to meet your needs. 



We’ll help you put your plan into action by guiding you through the process of opening accounts and making relevant trades. 


Continued Monitoring and Optimization

At frequent intervals, we will revisit your financial situation and make adjustments to your portfolio, financial plan, or tax strategies as your life or goals change. 

Financial Planning


What is financial planning?

Financial planning involves looking at an individual’s lifestyle and financial situation to help them achieve short and long-term financial goals. From saving for future purchases and planning for retirement to investing, financial planners take the time to understand each client’s needs to make a plan fully customized to them.

How much does financial planning cost?
At RG Wealth, we have implemented an uniform fee schedule – one that is fair, transparent, and most importantly consistent. Our advisors don’t receive any commissions from our financial products and services. View our fee schedule on our Fee Transparency page.
Why choose Rhame & Gorrell for your financial planning?

Rhame & Gorrell financial advisors have over 20 years of experience with a wide range of high-net-worth clients. Our registered investment advisors are held to the highest fiduciary standards to ensure you receive the service you deserve. Unlike other financial planning companies, we offer fee-based solutions that are tailored to your specific situation. Whether you’re looking to expand your investment horizon or plan for retirement, our financial planning team is ready and available to offer tried and tested recommendations.

Who can benefit from having a financial planning advisor?

When an individual’s wealth or net worth increases, financial decisions get more complex. From navigating employment benefits packages to planning for retirement, partnering with a financial planning advisor provides the assistance needed to secure a stable future. Some of our clients include affluent families, business owners, employees of oil companies, and more.

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